Tshewang Om (Managing Director)

Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world and lies in the Himalayan Belt where mountain peaks reach up to 7,000 meters (22,966 ft).

Only in 1974, the country opened up as the tourist destination and since then it has popularly known as the last Shangri-La in the world.

Om Travenza is established in 2008 to cater to the travel enthusiast and to introduce the rich culture and interesting natures of Bhutan. It has been quite popular for the high end tourism and in keeping in line with the GNH policy.

Om Travenza have been focusing in small groups and offering homely services which you would not get in larger groups – specializes in bespoke tours to fit in needs of travelers with authentic Bhutanese culture and norms.

Offering homely and personalized services, we pride in offering true happiness in the Kingdom of Happiness to every individual traveler.


Please mind that it’s difficult to secure 100% requests because of limited flight to Bhutan and the hotels. 3 months prior booking is recommended. And 6 months prior for festivals.

If you want to travel to Bhutan; please click here! For enquiry and suggestion.

Tour Procedure

  1. Plan and determine number of person and days of tour
  2. You can send the above plan to Om Travenza by e-mail
  3. Om Travenza will make quotation and Itinerary and send it to you
  4. After you agree you’ll have to remit the amount in full as its a Government Plolicy
  5. You can either book the airticket to Bhutan by yourself or for convenience we can arrange for you as well
  6. After that Om Travenza will send you VISA and other details after a weeks of arrival of payment

We are bespoken expert – just let us know your interest and we would accommodate almost any need, or you can pick a package which most travelers recommend…


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